Malkin on GEO TV – Promising Story with a Twist


With the wedding season approaching, the Pakistani entertainment industry is taking quite a turn with upcoming TV shows. One of them is Malkin, which began airing on the 25th September and has so far captivated the audience. This original GEO TV series is based on the life and times of Gulnaz played by Maria Wasti who takes revenge from her in-laws by destroying her family. The drama also features Alyy Khan as Gulnaz’s husband and Samina Ahmed as his mother; it has been written by Sarwat Nazir and directed by Wajahat Hussain.

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Gulnaz is shown to be the antagonist in the play; from being a mere dancer she has become a Malikin hence the title. The first few episodes revolved around her love story with Yawar (Alyy Khan) but s soon as he marries her, her life is turned upside down. No one in her in laws accepts her as the bahu and she resorts to cheap tactics to show them her true colours.

Malkin Drama on Geo TV OST, Timings & Cast Details

She becomes vengeful when her mother in law transfers all her property to the younger son and his family instead of Yawar, inviting Malikin to reveal her diabolic nature.

After managing to stay in Yawar’s mansion, Gulnaaz further works to scheme against her in-laws to destroy their happy life. She plans to get a hold of all the property and supremacy of the house by any low means necessary.

Will Gulnaaz succeed in gaining the trust of her in-laws and finally become the Malkin of the house?

Tune in GEO TV to find out more.

Contributed by:Fatima Ali