Mansha Pasha Pleads Fans To Report Fake Facebook Page


Fake and scam pages are not new to Facebook and the latest victim of identity theft is no one else but own very drama and film actress, Mansha Pasha.

Yesterday night, Mansha took to Facebook to inform her fans and followers regarding a fake FB page which is selling clothes in the name of Mansha.

Here’s what Mansha had to say about the entire situation:

Mansha revealed the name of the fake page in the video as Mansha Cloth House. Previously, it was named as Mansha Pash Offical but when she reported once or twice then it was renamed as mentioned.

She informed that these people have taken her videos from various social media platforms and they are giving the impression that it is her brand.

Mansha further added that she’s been receiving a lot of complaints regarding the products and the delivery. She felt sorry for everyone who purchased products from the fake page and had to deal with delivery issues.

She asked her fans to not fall for this scam and that she does not own a clothing brand. Mansha also added that if she ever owns a clothing brand, she will herself inform her fans.

Mansha requested everyone to report the page on FB and has also shared the details of the page. The good news is that if you search Mansha Cloth House now, it will not appear as it has been removed.

Now that’s the power of social media. We are glad that Mansha took to social media to address the entire issue. Identity theft is a serious issue and it must never be taken lightly.