Mansha Pasha Talks About Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan’s Disrespect In India

mahira khan fawad khan

The gorgeous actress Mansha Pasha is currently ruling the entertainment industry with her charisma and talent skills.

With her dramas like Surkh Chandni and Juda Na Hona, she has become the queen of the small screen and people are absolutely loving her.

Her recently released movie Laal Kabootar has also been selected by Pakistan Oscar committee for upcoming Academy Awards and we are really excited about it.

Apart from that, the actress is also known for expressing her thoughts on social media and never misses any chance to take a stand for right things.

She has received all forms of appreciation for her acting skills and also her social work activities for her nation.

Recently, the actress was asked about Bollywood and the recent Priyanka Chopra controversy. The actress responded:

I think we all agree that the role of art and culture in films should be to promote harmony among people. Bollywood has now become politicized. In the last year, many films either showed Muslims or Pakistan in a negative light. We saw what happened to Fawad and Mahira Khan. They were not able to promote even their own films. It started on that side. We can’t expect things to happen and no one reacting. In a  country of billion people, you can’t keep promoting this narrative; dehumanizing all people from Pakistan in particular and Muslims in general.

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