Manveer Gurjar Wins Bigg Boss 10 Reality TV Show


Bigg Boss 10 is the India’s biggest reality television show and it’s making rounds all over the social media since the new season is aired. Finally, Bigg Boss 10 winner is announce and the desi guy from Haryana, Manveer Gurjar won the title. Commoner contestant Manveer was announced the winner Sunday evening.

“Ever since I picked up the trophy, people have been praising me. People are lining up for photos and they are shouting my name everywhere. People are making me feel like a star but inside, I’m still the same ‘desi banda’ that I always was.” Manveer told Times Of India in an interview.

Manveer’s father surprised the audience by giving half of the Rs 40 lakh prize money to charity.

“We will donate half of the prize money to Salman Khan’s organisation Being Human,” said Manveer Gurjar’s father.

Bigg Boss 10 runner up. Bani Judge was disappointed by her defeat.

“It was difficult and harrowing and it is easy to lose your motivation in a show like Bigg boss,” said Bani.

Apart from huge fan following, Manveer also got support from many celebrities.

Congratulation Manveer!