Mathira Gets Trolled For Trying To Be A Kardashian

Mathira Gets Trolled

Controversial VJ turned actress Mathira Mohammad always gets trolled for being unpredictable and bold. She is known for not giving a damn what people think about her and this girl always does what she loves to do.

Be it a controversial advertisement or a late night TV show, Mathira knows how to deal with tharki people and amaze us all with her boldness.

However, this controversial queen is always bashed over her acts and this time, she is questioned on her morals and values. The actress has been vacationing in London and posting her hot and revealing pictures on her Instagram account and her followers just cannot take it.

I forgive you even if I was not wrong I forgive my self for giving so much, there was a saying that I never believed in and that was never love someone more then your self because too much love and care only gives too much pain for yourself so I forgive my self for creating this path for ignoring my self and not putting my self on the priority . I blame no one as I believe no one is bad it's just the time that changes people but what they blame judge or say about me won't also make me that . Loosening someone who you gave your life's remote is pretty messed up you die every day burn every second feel helpless the world seems breaking apart and you can't do shit but watch it fall apart.. but they don't realise God is there and when they have broken you into bits but God rebuilds a new better you when they have closed every door in your life God rebuilds a new path in your life.everything seems new the flame of hate or revenge is no more , the whole hurricane with-in died down and then you see new things a new life what's the use to hate someone and spend your life when you can love being bitter will only hurt me i made someone a last chapter in my life I died when that chapter ended but I dint realise after so much pain there was a not a page not a chapter but a New Book waiting for me ! What is depression ? Depression is nothing just a negative bubble we build around us acting like we can't do anything but we can ..doing a blame game or running away from realities or problems trying to have a certificate of being right is pretty useless cause come on God sees all that's the only thing you should believe in ..everything is in our hands don't be a victim cause things will be worse just let go cause holding on sometimes hurts more ..bless you all .. #mathira #happyplace #blessed

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She was even criticized for trying to be the famous Kim Kardashian. Although we think she is just trying to be herself, reflecting her own personality.

Here are the pictures of Mathira’s holidaying in London

Unwind and untwine #mathira #london

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Package like me are priceless 😍 #mathira #london

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The actress, as expected, is being questioned over her ethics and morals by her followers.

Look at what people have to stay about her pictures

Even though she is trolled, she kept on sharing the pictures on her account showing that she does not care at all.

She was recently divorced and has a son with her ex-husband, but her pictures depict that she leads a happy life.

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