Mathira’s Controversial Josh Ad is NOT Vulgar: Here’s Why!


Social media was recently hit with another dose of Mathira, that too for Josh Condoms. Now, I know what you’re thinking… Mathira in a contraceptive commercial? It must be far too vulgar for our eyes. Al-haram, al haram! Turn off that TV, get out your prayer beads and pray for your soul!

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Let’s look at a rundown of what goes on in the TVC.

At a store, a guy is embarrassed to ask the shopkeeper for a certain item. The shopkeeper prompts him to speak up, but the guy is just way too shy.


Enter Mathira. Mathira boldly steps up and asks for a packet of Josh. The guy, emboldened by her actions, asks for 3 packets of the same. The ad ends.


The ad is clean of any promiscuity. In fact, in my humble opinion, Mathira’s bold statement actually promotes women empowerment.

Women should be able to buy contraceptives without any hesitation or embarrassment.

The only slightly objectionable part of the ad is where the guy asks for 3 packets of Josh. (Seriously dude, who would do you so many times that you’d need 3 packets?)

Take a look at the ad below:


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