Mawra Hocane Breaks Silence on Recent Food Comment Controversy in a Cryptic Tweet

mawra urwa comment on food

Nida Yasir remains in the news on and off for the kind of topics she discusses on her morning shows and her comments on the same.

However, this time, two of her guests have stirred up a storm on social media: The Hocane Sisters.

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On August 5th, 2019, Nida invited the Hocane sisters to her morning show. It seemed that their main focus as guests was to advertise their garment collection, however, what has stolen the audience’s attention was the sisters’ comments on mental health.

While discussing diet and healthy eating, Urwa mentioned how the wrong kind of food is the sole reason for any kind of mental illnesses.

Watch the video here: 

Look at what people have been saying about it since then.

Many are calling the Hocane Sisters’ Comments the height of ignorance.

Many are saying one shouldn’t speak publicly about something unless they have ample knowledge on the subject.

And many are blatantly calling it plain stupid.

Some have even titled the sisters as the Dumbest Stars of Pakistan.

Many are urging the stars to accept their mistake and apologize.

However, it does not look like they regret what they said at all as, only a few hours ago today, Urwa retweeted a Paulo Coelho quote with her own comment.

The quote implies that there is no need for offering explanations to people as people will only hear what they want to hear.

The rage against them continues to rise, let us see if they continue to hold the same stance or not.

Let us know what you think.

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