Mawra Hocane Once Again Trolled On Her Outfit Choice


The bubbly actress Mawra Hocane posted two candid pictures from one of her upcoming photoshoots on social media and faced the wrath of trolls, again. The Sammi girl posted two pictures on her Instagram account with the caption “Me when no one is looking V Me when someone is looking! #vanitybehaviour #Laughingfits #girlatwork #nextshoot #Comingsoon. P.s whoever you are just laugh till you can & love till you can, that’s what life is all about really & oh follow your dreams”.

The starlet seen clad in a pink tank top and fitted jeans which sparked hatred amongst her detractors.

Look what people have commented on her latest photo shoot.

And the people started questioning her faith too.

And people started generalizing things as always



And she’s being called abnormal because of her outfit choice

People on the internet even want to burn her wardrobe, well!

People are just letting out their nafrat over her

The price you have to pay to wear the clothes of your choice

There is no doubt that celebrities are least bothered about what people think about them. Mawra Hocane and her sister Urwa are often criticised for their outfit choices but the sisters are good at ignoring people. The more they are criticized, the more pictures they post on their social media accounts to show that they don’t give a damn!

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