Is It Mawra Hocane in this Picture with Nasir Khan Jan?


Social media is full of surprises. We wake up every day to see something new going viral. Today, a picture has hit the internet and has left everyone surprised. The picture is of no one else, but the social media sensation Nasir Khan Jan who’s notorious for his viral videos.

You’ll think what’s new about this as we have seen lots of photos of Nasir Khan Jan before? Well, it’s actually the person whose posing alongside Nasir who’s creating the buzz.

Check out the picture below.

“Oh my god, is that Mawra Hocane?” That’s what you are thinking, right. You look at the picture and you think that it’s Mawra posing alongside Nasir Khan Jan, but then your heart tells you that it can’t be Mawra and you take another look and think this might be a look-alike.

Well, the good news is that it is not Mawra *take a deep breath*! The person who’s with Nasir Khan Jan in this picture is his friend Nouman Khan but their resemblance is uncanny! If you think we are kidding then here’s a comparison photo.

That’s Mawra!

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And that’s Nouman Khan

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The picture left people confused. Here’s how some of them reacted.

But gladly, people figured it out that it cannot be Mawra.

Mawra is definitely one of the most-loved celebs of Pakistan and she is undoubtedly very pretty. This picture confused a few people who thought it was Mawra Hocane posing with Nasir Khan Jan, it’s probably the camera angle or the pout that made the two look similar.

Here are a few other pics of Nouman Khan with Nasir Khan Jan.

He definitely doesn’t look like Mawra in any of the photos above. This is why it is probably said, “Don’t trust everything that you see.”

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