Mawra Hocane Shares Her First Look From Upcoming Drama “Sammi”


Teasing her fans, Mawra posted a little glimpse into her new character Sammi, on Instagram yesterday. The highly anticipated series is set to start production in less than a week and her supporters are already incredibly excited for her new venture.

Mawra looks stunning in her Instagram picture at her dress trial for her upcoming series, wearing a multicoloured traditional ensemble designed by the talented Zainab Chottani. She captions the picture explaining,

 “We start shooting in less than a week and I am all things thankful, anxious, shy, fearful & nervous as I was on my first ever shoot but this happens to be the most fascinating element about the craft of acting, the process of unlearning the old & re-learning like a beginner all over again!”

Considering she’s returning to Pakistan’s television screens after a year, it’s no wonder she’s feeling this way!

Following in the steps of her sister, Urwa Hocane, Mawra is also using her profession to break the taboos in our society that are not acknowledged. The new series, ‘Sammi’, will definitely be impactful to people of all ages and backgrounds. This HUM TV social cause-based serial is in collaboration with the John Hopkins University to produce a riveting drama that will leave everyone wanting more at the end of each episode.

Urwa starred in the serial ‘Udaari’, which made waves for highlighting child sexual abuse, therefore alarming the country. But the positive impact it made on the masses caused for an uprising with the entertainment industry breaking away from the cliché story-lines to raise awareness about more serious topics.