Mawra Hocane’s LLB Result Is Exceptional


Mawra Hocane has once again proved to us that she is nothing less than goals. This Pakistani model and actress is definitely someone her fans can proudly look up to. Juggling between her academic and professional life, this diva manages to ace both with flying colours.

Mawra Hocane & Priyanka Chopra are Friendship Goals for All the Ladies Out there!

Just recently the star shared her scholastic achievements in a post on Instagram by uploading a picture showing her LLB exam result where she completed her academic year with 3 merits. The news was met with genuine excitment from her fans, who also did not hold back from pouring their love on to Mawra.

The Indian Express also made it a point to highlight this beauty’s academic successes.  Mawra Hocane proved  to us that she is a positive influence on the younger generation, encouraging young females to pursue their degrees regardless of their life’s circumstances. By giving education its due importance and nailing it  Mawra Hocane is now an example of an empowered woman worth admiring.


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