Mawra Hocane’s Parody of Hamza Ali Abbasi is On Point!


The the two sisters Urwa and Mawra can get into and out of character so easily! Nonetheless, acting does come naturally to both of them!

It all started on HSY’s show Tonight with HSY.  Mawra was asked to portray Hamza Ali Abbasi as a part of one of the segments on the show. And the video broke the internet! She even got the accent right!

Mawra & Urwa Hocane’s Hilarious Parody of Meera, Reema & Sohai Goes Viral! [Watch Video]

With the trio of Mawra and Urwa along with Farhan Saeed (Urwa’s husband and a resident rock star of Pakistan), the show was lit!

Here’s a snippet of Mawra’s on point parody of Hamza Ali Abbasi, for proof.

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