Maya Ali Gets Emotional As Teefa in Trouble Wraps up!


Maya Ali has transformed into quite the diva! The starlet stepped into the world of movies with Teefa in Trouble, opposite the very sexy, charming and talented Ali Zafar.

The cast and crew have finally wrapped up their last spell of shooting in Poland and Maya Ali got a little emotional, thanking everyone who was involved in the movie.

Maya Ali, who is celebrating her birthday today, got her Instagram account hacked last night, the details of which are yet to be revealed. However, the actress shared a very heartfelt message on her Instagram that has apparently been removed now. It read the following:

“So every journey has to come to an end and that’s how this Teefa in Trouble has ended. What a beautiful journey it has been, with lots of U turns, it’s been a roller coaster ride and this was the only journey where I did not cry because of the production and team.”

Maya Ali’s Instagram Account Hacked!

She was away from her family for a really long time due to long hours and days of shooting in different countries and cities. However, if you’re lucky, the cast and production team becomes your second family and the set, your second home. That’s just how Maya felt!

She thanked the stylist, the makeup artist, the SOP, the director, the entire cast and the director Ahsan Rahim and obviously, Ali Zafar. The actress also revealed a few personal insights about how Ali Zafar is on the set, and she couldn’t stop raving about the rock star.

“He made everything so easy for me, I never felt any ego coming from him. He was not just good with me but with the whole crew, from the camera man to the chai wala, he was just so friendly with everyone and that’s how I know he became a star.”

This was Maya’s first movie after hit serials like Man Mayal and Sanam and she was kind of scared and unsure about it but the director showed complete confidence in her and made her feel just so comfortable.

Here is what Maya had to say about Ahsan Rahim- the director of Teefa in Trouble:

“I never thought while reading the script that I’d do it but of course the confidence Sir Ahsan had in me, made it happen. He is the best, you’ll get to know that when you will watch Teefa in Trouble. Thank you, Sir Ahsan, for believing in me.”

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We just can’t wait to watch Maya in her debut movie- Teefa in Trouble promises to be quite an entertainer with action sequences and good humour!

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