Maya Ali & Osman Khalid Butt’s On-Screen Love Story


There are some on-screen couples who look like they were probably made for each other, they create magic so great that the audience simply cannot get enough of. Topping our list of favorites is the famous and most celebrated “Diyar-e-Dil”  couple , Maya Ali & Osman Khalid Butt, together they bring  a fresh air of romance to the screen.

Exhibiting power-packed performances every time they work together , Osman and Maya made a debut in “Aik Naeey Cinderella”, came back with “Aunn Zara” as their second theatrical piece which was followed by the super-hit “Diyar-e-Dil” that won hearts on both sides of the border.

Their off-screen friendship hints their secret to such perfect and natural chemistry on the screen. To reveal their most mesmerizing moments caught on camera , we have a complication of  20 epic images of the couple that scream *PERFECT TOGETHER*

 Tackle your hearts, because it’s going to get more exciting with these stunning Instagram posts!

 The lovely Maya Ali and handsome Osman Khalid Butt twinning their pose!

Now wouldn’t they make the most adorable babies? Just a thought!

How royal do they look?

Rajasthan Royals! Meeting up with #Maya #Ali after ages! #Karachi #Rajdhani

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Get married already!! This bride and groom selfie is just too perfect!

Looks like the two just walked out of a fairy tale! Maya looks like a princess while Osman makes a great prince charming.

Their selfies are ALWAYS on point for us!

Every designers dream models? Ask HSY!

Their cuteness level is just too damn high!

They even color co-ordinate like real couples!

This is how they’d look if they ever got married!

Here comes the bride with her oh so handsome groom!

That chemistry  *heart beats right out of the chest*

'Chemistry.' #TBCW2015 #mariabofficial #daytwo #showstoppers #humsitaray

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BEAUTIFUL! The two are complete stunners!

Why are we not surprised? They just HAD to make it to the cover!

Whoa…we made it to the cover of #Glam magazine! Awesomesauce. #TBCW2015

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We’re just hoping they actually find each other madly in LOVE!

(*Part two of series) ..But then I found you. I will always find you. @mayaaliofficial

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*Ahem ahem* We’re just hoping this REEL life romance turns into a REAL life romance!