Maya Ali And Osman Khalid Butt Photo Shoot Will Make You Feel Love


The gorgeous actress Maya Ali and the handsome Osman Khalid Butt have come together again… but this time on the cover of Diva magazine – and they look AH-mazing! The couple looked smokin’ together in ensembles that were arranged by designer Zainab Chottani, jewellery by Hamna Amir and the styling was done by Shahzad Raza.

This is the first time when Maya and Osman shared the space together for any magazine’s cover.

“Boom. First cover in ages – also, the first ft. Maya and me – and isn’t she a beauty.
Doesn’t Maya look like a vision? (Insert .gif of Jim Carrey losing it over Cameron Diaz in the Mask here.)” said Osman

Here are some behind the scene shots,

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And here’s the exclusive cover of Diva Magazine.

The photography was done by Ather Shahzad.