Maya Ali Spills The Beans About Her Role In New Pakistani Movie ‘Teefa In Trouble’


After starring in multiple dramas, Maya Ali is ready to make her film debut in ‘Teefa In Trouble’. According to Maya, of all the characters that she has done, this will be different that will allow her to push her limits.

While Maya Ali has proven her acting chops in hit dramas from Diyar-e-Dil, Sanam and Zidd. The actress confessed that it felt like stepping out of her comfort zone after working in dramas for so long but getting onboard this movie was exciting.

Talking about her character, Anya, she will be playing an independent and a free-spirited woman – a role that she wanted to play all along. According to Maya, this character going to be the closest to her own as compared to others she’s portrayed.

“I wanted to do a character that is different from everything I have done. I don’t want people to relate it to any of my previous work(s) and that’s exactly why it took me a while in finalizing my debut film. Anya is very similar to who I am in person. She’s not dependant on anyone at all, she doesn’t need anyone to save her and she enjoys life and is a very free-spirited soul.It has become very easy for me to do a drama, but to appear on the big screen is a major shift. It’s such a larger than life canvas that you’re noticed every time you blink. I’m sure it will be tough for me, but I am trying my level best. We’re carrying out a lot of rehearsals and I just hope that I don’t leave the audience disappointed”

Maya Ali and Ali Zafar announced the news through their social media platforms. Both of them posted a video of opening their scripts of the movie with ‘humorous notes from their director’.

“They were just humorous notes that our director had sent us. He asked Ali to start training and thinks that I don’t need to hit the gym.”

Maya talked about how playing different roles from being a damsel-in-distress never got her much attention and blames the audience for that. However, she was hopeful that Teefa in Trouble can do something to challenge that.

“In Zidd I played a woman who lives without her husband and that wasn’t accepted by the audience. I think we need to start writing drama serials that show women as strong, independent individuals, but more than anything, I blame the audience for that. We tried but it didn’t happen because it didn’t work. Through art, I believe we must give out subliminal messages and Teefa in Trouble does exactly that.”

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She was excited about working with co-star, Ali Zafar, and all praise for his Bollywood experience and a chance of learning a lot from him along the way. She also vouched for the movie that it will be unlike any other we’ve seen and trusts her director to deliver.

“I guarantee you that you’ll experience all the emotions, be it drama, romance, comedy or action. I trust my director completely and I’m sure he’ll make something different from what we’ve seen so far. Ali has worked in so many Bollywood films and has such a vast exposure that I’m sure I’ll get to learn a lot from him. At the end of the day, I’m relaxed because I know I’m in safe hands now.”

While auditioning for the movie, Maya Ali was really nervous. She thought that had blown her audition but was pleasantly surprised when did she did get the part.

“I remember when I was first auditioning, I was really confused and it was surely my worst audition till date. It was the first time I felt the pressure of a ‘film’. I had no idea what was going on, since unlike drama serials, I had no script – I was asked to do a scene with no background or plot outline, yet Ahsan and Ali were both extremely supportive. I had assumed that I got rejected, but when I got the final call for signing the contract, I was overjoyed because despite knowing that I may not have gotten the part, I told Ahsan that this is the kind of film I would look forward to as a viewer.”

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