Maya Ali’s Performance at Her Friend’s Wedding Will Make You Dance Along!


Maya Ali gained prominence from the very beginning of her career. She has been a part of many dramas and is best known for her roles in Diyar-e-Dil, Mann Mayal and Shanakht. Maya has played several types of characters and has emerged as one of the most versatile actresses in our industry.

There is a story in her eyes☺️☺️

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The gorgeous Maya Ali was spotted at the wedding of her friend, Libah Chaudhry, recently. It looks like the young actress, known for her elegant beauty, has really enjoyed this special occasion of her friend. Maya performed a stunning dance at this wedding and what else the attendees of this event could ask for!

Watch the video below!

How beautiful she looks wearing that gorgeous dress! Maya has proven that she is not only an amazing actress but also a wonderful dancer. This dance performance look perfectly choreographed and the presence of Maya has further glorified it. She’s got the perfect moves that will make you dance along!


The audience in the background must have had a perfect day and they seem to have enjoyed it at the fullest. And why shouldn’t they? It’s Maya Ali after all!

Libah, the Pakistani fashion model, looked lovely on her big day!

Sanam Baloch was also spotted at this wedding, including many other celebrities. Maya, Libah and Sanam are best friends and give us trio goals!

Not long ago, Maya was seen performing at her other friends event too. This video is being shared on social media and the social media activists have shared their opinions. Most of them do not look happy about Maya performing at every other wedding. Have a look!

Well, people always have something to say!

Looks like our Mannu had a great day. Just like, we want to enjoy the most out of our loved one’s event, she did the same!

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