This Picture of Maya Ali Is Going Viral For The Funniest Reason


The internet would react to anything, sometimes, you wonder if people even use their brains while writing comments on social media.

Pakistani actress and Model Maya Ali was recently spotted holding a baby in her hands and the netizens gave us another form of entertainment to look at along with this sweet picture. Take a look at the original Instagram post here:

Awww, don’t they look absolutely adorable? Indeed, no one can resist such innocence. Then again, the people on the Internet as usual took it to another level and their reaction to the picture was hilarious. Take a look:

There were many fans who couldn’t stop themselves from commenting how cute the picture looked.

Then there were some who even thought the mother of the baby was actually Maya Ali..

This fan is everyone of us who gets left out whenever there is a party going on..

Hmm… I wonder whose baby this is..

You missed the baby shower!? How could you!

If you think we missed a phuppo, don’t worry. We have got you covered!

Duh, didn’t anyone tell you the child is not a human? The baby is an Angel!

Sometimes we ask ourselves this question too.. 

Looks like no one knows whose baby this is..


Here’s someone who gave up all the brainstorming and decided to go to sleep!

Finally someone who actually gets the whole point of the picture!As usual, the Internet never fails to amuse us with the comments. Regardless, Maya Ali’s love for children is something that all of us can understand. After all, no one can stop themselves from cuddling such cute and small angels. Stay blessed you two!

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