Media Outlet Incorrectly Body-Shamed Humaima Malick For Gaining Weight


Recently Humaima Malick celebrated her birthday with her friends and family. It was a star-studded event. From Fawad Khan to Asim Azhar, you just name the celebrity and he was there to wish the birthday girl.

Pictures from her birthday went viral all over the internet but a famous media outlet, somehow, managed to ruin all the fun for Humaima by body-shaming her. That’s what they posted on their Instagram.

Fans and celebs, however, jumped to support Humaima and criticised the media outlet for body-shaming her.

Model Cybil Chowdhry also commented on the post by saying it is ‘rude’ and requested the admin to remove it.

Fans also supported Humaima and requested the media outlet to remove the photo and criticised it for using such a caption.


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The thing is that before posting anything on social media we need to get our facts right. A few months back, it was in news everywhere that Humaima Malick is gaining weight for her role in Maula Jutt.

The other cast member including Fawad Khan also gained weight for his role.

First, body-shaming is cruel and it is high time that we should stop. Second, with great power comes great responsibility. If you are a media outlet and have a number of followers then at least do research and push out proper information.

Nobody, I repeat, nobody has the right to body-shame anyone, be it a celebrity or not, this is harsh and we need change our mindsets.

Humaima looked utterly beautiful on her birthday. Just to get people ‘s attention, some people would take pictures of celebs taken from unflattering angles and post them on social media which is absolutely immoral and unethical.


Humaima’s a promising actor. Her movie, Arth 2 is releasing on December 21st. Make sure you make it to the cinemas!

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