Meera And Nadia Khan’s Latest Cat Fight Video Goes Viral!


We all remember the controversial fight between Meera Jee and Nadia Khan that took place in 2015 and created an uproar around the country.

Meera was invited as a guest speaker on Nadia Khan’s Show and then they managed to grab the headlines with their duel. Meera left the set the show after allegedly beating the crew and the host of the show and causing them physical injuries.

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After the incident, both of the actresses refused to get into the details and religiously avoid bumping into each other at events.

Recently, the two actresses came under the same roof yet again but it didn’t go well this time as well.

A video has been surfaced online where Meera and Nadia Khan can be seen fighting over a silly issue.

In the video, we can see that Nadia Khan introduced Meera Jee in such a way which offended her and initiated a war between them.

Have a look at the video!

Many think that the video is all about fake publicity stunt or a gimmick to promote Nadia Khan’s show.

Look at what people have to say: 

meera and nadia khan fight

meera and nadia khan fight

meera and nadia khan fight

meera and nadia khan fight

meera and nadia khan fight

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