Meera Denied Entry at Gaddafi Stadium For PSL 2017 Final! (Or Not?)


Pakistani Actress Meera is always involved in some debacle or the other. The actress seems to love being in the limelight. After all, any publicity is good publicity, isn’t it? This time, Meera was denied entry into the Gaddafi Stadium when she tried to watch the PSL 2017 final match without a ticket. The actress was barred from entering the Gaddafi Stadium and told to return.

Call me stupid, but if you show up without a ticket, you definitely won’t be allowed to enter. When the PCB didn’t let Indian actress Sonam Kapoor enter the stadium in Dubai (Read More: Actress Sonam Kapoor Kicked Out of PSL 2017 Match!), what made Meera think she would be allowed to enter in Lahore?

According to her statement to the local media, Meera’s manager had the ticket who was present inside the stadium without her.

Even if this was true, one must salute the security forces who didn’t make an exception for Meera, based on her celebrity status. Goes to show, rules can be implemented and followed in Pakistan too!

According to Meera, the actress of yesteryear had no regrets about not being able to enter the stadium and would watch the match at home.

Was Meera Allowed To Attend The Match Or Not?

Late last night, Meera posted a few Tweets of her at the PSL 2017 final match. Did our security fall short and let the actress in under pressure? We’ll never know. Take a look at her Tweets:

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