Meera Fears For Her Life & Seeks Security From The Government!


After the scandalous and controversial social media sensation  Qandeel Baloch, who was strangled by her own brother in the name of honour, another Pakistani model/actress Meera fears for her life and seeks security from the government. Meera refused to appear in court due to alleged threats to her life.

The actress is facing charges of double nikah. She had earlier stated that she was never married to Ateeq ur Rahman. She also claims that he had forged the Nikkah Nama.

Local media reports that Meera was due to appear in the court to record a statement, but instead submitted an application where she requested the court to exempt her from in-person appearance. She would prefer to record her statements via video link as she can not appear due to security concerns.


Meera Jee had also written a letter to Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar, seeking security over threats to her life.

She told the judge, “My life is in danger. I cannot come to court time and again”. She said that diverse range of artists and celebrities are being attacked across the country, which had caused great insecurity among her.

Irtiza Rubab, better known by her stage name Meera is well known for her attention seeking acts. Are these claims true? Is she actually next after Qandeel? Only time can tell can if it’s a publicity stunt or not! For now, let’s just hope the government grants her security.

Meanwhile, the court summoned Ateeq ur Rehman, the man claiming to be Meera’s husband, in the next hearing on August 26.

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