Meera Is Jealous Of Mahira Khan…Again!


It’s basically a continuation of the tantrum Meera had last here which went down along the lines of  this.

“She does not know how to act so don’t waste your time ‘to’ watching her movies and commercials,”

Meera went on a rant when interviewed by Express Tribune and claimed that Mahira stole her thunder and life is not fair at all…

“Mahira Khan replaced me in a major project by Momina Duraid — she literally took that project away from me.”

She went on saying that she is in fact also very cool and have met Bollywood celebrities.

“Even I have met many Bollywood celebrities, including Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan and Karan Johar. In fact, SRK even offered me a film. But because of Mahira’s campaign against me, I lost all my projects in the Indian industry and she got one.”

She further asserted that she wasn’t insecure at all because she is still a superstar.

“I am still a super star and have made a number of remarkable films so it is unfair that Mahira gets all the work and I don’t. Had she not established her own lobby in the Karachi segment, she wouldn’t have made it so far.”

She also requested Mahira to stop doing whatever she was doing because it was making her sad.

If we create groups within the industry, the situation will get worse. So, I humbly request Mahira to come forward on the basis of her talent only and stop side-lining me.”

Meera seems to be trying too hard to prove that she’s really really really not insecure, at all. Or jealous. But this is what she said to Express in an interview.

“I’ve given 20 years of my life to this industry and performed some of the memorable characters but a specific lobby is creating hindrance between my projects and I. I feel like Mahira Khan is conspiring against me because she is threatened by my talent. I even challenged her [Acting-off] several times because I know that fake actors can’t stand a chance to born-actors.

She didn’t stop there though, she also added that giving Mahira Khan work is like depriving good actors and models of good work.

Mahira Khan would literally be like this:

It’s okay if you’re jealous, Meera. Everybody has those days – you’re probably having one of those again this year.