Meera Lashes Out At Mahira Khan AGAIN!

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We all know Meera loves fame. The actress does anything to stay in the news! This year alone, Meera grabbed headlines by claiming she got kicked out of PSL, telling the world that she is penniless and saying that she will run for the upcoming elections.

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Last year Meera threw a tantrum, saying she was more accomplished than Mahira Khan. Seems, she has not let go of this sentiment.

Recently, Meera stated in an interview that she is the first Pakistani actress to step into Bollywood.

“I opened the doors for Pakistani actresses in Bollywood.”

Meera be like:

No one doubts that Meera! However, the actress goes on to say that,

“I am still appreciated in India for my acting talent, but Mahira Khan is receiving more than her fair share of media coverage!”

Mahira and the rest of the world be like:

Meera also claims that,

“Raees would have been just as successful, had I been cast opposite Shah Rukh Khan!”

The yesteryear actress seems to want to clear up the negative air caused by her comments,

“I appreciate art and talent and do not skip on praise”

That may not be so easy for the actress, as the media loves a scoop!

Mahira Khan Responds To Meera’s Jealousy!

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