“Meera is Not My Daughter” Claims the Actresses’ Mother, Shafqat Zuhra?


Thief or not a thief, that is our question! The ‘Controversy Queen’ Meera, once again managed to stay in the headlines, this time, by accusing her mother of theft. The actress accused her mother, Shafqat Zuhra, of stealing a gold set, and reportedly, kicked her out of the house. However, now that her story has gone viral, the Khilona star denies of any incident from even happening.

According to sources, Shafqat Begum is currently residing in Johar Town after the dilemma. The Damsel in Distress has denied the incident and told in a telephonic conversation that she had not seen her mother in last three days. She said that she was going to Dubai and was completely unaware of the incident.

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Courtesy: ebuzzToday

This is not something new for the Drama Queen, previously, she has remained in the headlines for allegations of beating her mother, and driving her out of the house. To this new scenario, FHM Pakistan has reported that the mother has said: “Meera is not my daughter and if I reveal her true identity she won’t be able to face the media ever again. Further she said, “I will definitely reveal all the truth about Meera in a press conference with all the proofs and evidences.”

The question which now arises is that is this all another publicity stunt like her MMS scandal, or something fishy was really going on?

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