Meera Slams Media For Publishing Fake News About Election Contest


You can hate her, disapprove of her or make fun – but you can’t ignore Meera Jee, especially when she’s trolling media for publishing fake news by her name.

Some recent media reports alleged that Meera Jee was ready to enter politics. Not only that, the reports also claimed that she would be contesting against Imran Khan in Lahore.

The actress/director slammed the media houses for publishing fake news in her name.

Not mincing her words even a bit, Meera called these organisation liars and fake.

She also asked them to take down the false news.

Taking it all in good humour, she said it’s good some news making organisations are doing well by using her name.

She launched a Twitter rant against journalists who don’t verify their news and publish it without any authenticity.

We hope the concerned publications have learnt their lesson to not mess with her. This isn’t the first time the actress showed the savage side of her personality on Twitter. She earlier shut down Maryam Nawaz over load shedding.

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