Meera vs Maryam Nawaz: Battle of Tweets Continues!


The squabble between Meera and Maryam Nawaz started after she trolled the PM’s daughter on Twitter.

Maryam Nawaz congratulated the Pakistani cricket team on their massive win.

She posted on Twitter, “We are the champions. Congratulations & well done Team Pakistan.”

Moreover, Meera’s savage reply to the tweet was a reminder of the persistent load shedding in the country.

She tweeted, “Aap please light dene pe ghaur karein.”

This is not the first time Meera lashed out on power cuts.

Earlier, Meera dug out a year old tweet and called the prime minister a butcher.

She went on something like this, “Oh baji, your father is a butcher. We are dying because of no electricity today. Bahir temperature check kiya hai? Butchers all of you.”

Nonetheless, here’s how Meera’s followers lauded her for her savagery:

She’s savage and she knows it. Here’s more proof!

If there’s one account you must follow on Twitter, it’s Meera’s.

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