Meera’s New Controversy Unveils Shocking News!

Meera Jee

Meera Jee just can’t seem keep herself out a controversy. Recently, Meera Jee was invited to attend an event at Punjab Institute of Language, Arts and Culture (PILAC)but reportedly made a ruckus at the entrance. Reportedly, the actress demanded to be remunerated for attending the event as a guest.

Just a week ago, the Lollywood actress was stopped by the police on the day of the PSL finale for not having a pass to enter.

However, according to Meera, she is going through a financial crisis because ‘artists like herself’ are not being offered work and not being paid. The star had demanded to be paid an amount of 25,000 PKR for merely attending the event. She even went on to request CM Punjab to help her in these ‘trying times’.

“All the artists here in Lahore, including me, are currently in a very tough spot. There is hardly any work to be done and I at least want to speak with the Chief Minister to discuss my situation with him in person. I want to re-start my showbiz career and produce a film but I don’t have the money to do so. Therefore, I want to request the CM to help me.”

PILAC officials claimed that the artists were invited to attend the event and except for the performers, no one was paid to attend the event. PILAC director Dr Sugra Sadaf cleared the air regarding entire fiasco.

“We had planned to pay the performers only and Meera was not invited to perform – she was just a guest. But she was demanding money and left me no choice but to pay her from my own pocket. She was claiming that she is having a financial crisis so I went ahead.”

Looks like Meera Jee will always find controversy even if it is not looking to find her.

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