Meera’s Whatsapp Conversation With Her Lawyer Leaked!

meera's chat with lawyer

Our very own controversy queen, Meera Jee never fails to entertain us and the actress somehow manages to always stay in the limelight.

It is due to the Whatsapp messages sent to her lawyer by the actress that have made it to the news and people are mocking the interaction between the two.

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Recently, the actress paid her lawyer, Balkh Sher Khosa, through cheques but later Khosa alleged that her Rs1.5 million cheque bounced when he presented the same to a bank.

The lawyer alleged that the cheques issued by the actress to pay him bounced due to insufficient funds in her account.

Balkh Sher Khosa then sent her a legal notice but it was her reply that made it to the headlines. As soon as she received the notice, she told Khosa to respond to the notice himself as he is her counsel.

Well, that was definitely something unexpected!

Balkh Sher Khosa also shares their Whatsapp chats and people are again mocking her on her English!

Watch the news below!

Well, we hope that her new case gets sorted out as soon as possible!

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