Meesha Shafi Allegedly Threatens Imran Khan’s Nephew In #Metoo Case

meesha shadi hassan niazi

Recently, PM Imran Khan’s nephew Hassan Niazi has come forward and claimed that the Pakistani songstress Meesha Shafi has threatened him for taking Ali Zafar’s side in the #MeToo scandal.

The lawyer took to his Twitter account and wrote:

Meesha team hits new low. Sending me threats of MeToo campaign against me. Typical Ayesha Gulalai mindset in community, which damages the metoo campaign for their personal point scoring.

He further added that he will expose the singer in front of the nation and used the hashtag #MeeshaUsingWomenCard.

He added:

Let me make it clear,blackmail me and I will expose u more  #MeeshaUsingWomenCard

Here’s his tweet!

Previously, he also criticized Meesha Shafi for her tweets and wrote that his team has been putting fake witnesses forward against Ali Zafar.

He wrote:

What a frustrated tweet by Meesha Shafi.Instead of changing her legal team,which is full of bullies,Meesha wants me to “get a life”- so I will post the bank statement tonight or tomorrow and explain the issue in foreign funding and how ur team has put forward fake witnesses.

He added:

Dear M when u take issue global u hav to go out with clean hands. 3 female witnesses have come forward against u. All were told their sexual harassment case will only be taken if they tweet their issue and tweet about AZ. So funding taken for cause when wrongly spent is crime.

Well, we must say, this case is getting uglier day by day!

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