Meesha Shafi’s Recent Photos Are #YogaGoals


While the rest of the world is swooning over many shades and moods of Fawad Khan as a judge in Pepsi Battle of The Bands,  we couldn’t help but notice how toned Meesha Shafi is looking on the judge’s seat.

Meesha Shafi – the powerhouse performer is rocking a super-toned physique like a Victoria Secret’s model. Proud of her yoga sessions, the singer/actor/host posted a photo on her Instagram praising her instructor.

She captioned it: Thanks @rehanbashir ?  All that yoga is paying off! #yogaarms #yogi #yogionset #pepsibattleofthebands

Thanks @rehanbashir ? All that yoga is paying off! #yogaarms #yogi #yogionset #pepsibattleofthebands ??&? @omayrwaqar

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Known for her rustic vocals and critically acclaimed roles in Bollywood and Lollywood movies, Meesha Shafi is an inspiration to many up and coming actresses and singers. She is the only Pakistani female musician to perform live on a multi-city tour, an advocate for UN Women Pakistan’s #BeatMe campaign – add all that to her eclectic swag and style sense and you have an international icon.

?✨? Living the dream! ??? #pepsibattleofthebands #MeeshaShafiLIVE @pepsipakistan

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Can I lend you 9 to 5ers some #mondaymotivation…? #meeshashafiLIVE #yogi #yogaeverydamnday

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The Dasht-e-Tanhai singer slays us every time with her raspy voice. She does an equally note-worthy job when it comes to rocking the latest fashion trends.