Meet The Daddies Of Daddy’s Home 2


The Daddies of Daddy’s Home are back and they are in for a surprise as their Daddies pay them a visit this Christmas. Sean Anders’ comedy film has a cast to die for as Mel Gibson plays Mark Wahlberg’s dad and John Lithgow plays father to Will Ferrell.

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They all go on a trip to spend Christmas together and whatever bad things shouldn’t happen, happen. Let’s take a look at the 5 Daddies that bring the house down with their actions.

Mel Gibson

Kurt Mayron is the exact opposite of his son Dusty’s new avatar; he is an ex-astronaut who has no social skills and loves to make fun of those who have no control over being stupid like Brad and his father Don Whitaker.

Those eyes tho… #DaddysHome2

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He doesn’t have a stopper that bars him from telling dirty jokes to the kids and he doesn’t like to be proved wrong, no matter what. It is his character however who saves the day when both the families are on their way back.                                                                                                                        

Mark Wahlberg

Dusty and his father have had a strained relationship, mainly because he used to charm his way into the lives of his friends’ mother and make life difficult for him. Dusty didn’t know how to respond when his father called to inform him of his arrival after 5 years and panics.

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The usually strong man Dusty has changed completely after the events of the first film and he is afraid that his father might make fun of him for being soft due to his kids and step-kid.

Will Farrell

Brad is the reason why both the families are together; he was the one who accepted Dusty despite his eccentric attitude and in this version, he tries to play referee between his father, Dusty and Dusty’s dad who doesn’t like anyone like a typical granddad.


Will and Dusty are shown to be great friends at the start of the film but their relationship changes after Dusty’s father criticizes them for being soft parents.

John Lithgow

Don Whitaker is a retired postman who visits his grandchildren regularly but this time he is carrying a secret no one knows about; not even his son.

Happy Birthday to John Lithgow, or as we like to call him: Pop-Pop. #DaddysHome2

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He is the perfect granddad (father to Brad), yet due to his over-friendly attitude, he always finds himself in trouble be it amongst humans or wolves.

John Cena

Roger made his first appearance in the closing moments of Daddy’s Home as Karen’s ex-husband and Adrianna’s father; he has a bigger role in the sequel where he threatens to take away his daughter because he believes the way Dusty is parenting her isn’t the right way.

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His presence in the final moments of the movie also helps the two families unite as one.