Meet The Golmaal Gang


The gang is back and this time they prefer magic to logic in Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Again. The latest addition to the super successful franchise has made the audience go crazy with peals of laughter; not only has it reunited Ajay Devgn with his most successful director but also brought back the gang after 7 years.

Let’s meet the guys who can make you laugh by staying in their characters and doing nothing out of the ordinary.

Ajay Devgn (Gopal)

He is the rat of the rat pack – their undisputed leader. In all four Golmaal flicks, Gopal has been the center of action because of a) he is the most experienced actor who can pull anything off and b) he and Rohit go a long way back as their dads were action instructors during the 70s and the 80s.

Sometimes he is the one causing problems and sometimes he is the one with the problem. In the latest installment, he plays the orphan who grew up to be an angry young man but remains afraid of ghosts.

Arshad Warsi (Madhav)

Arshad Warsi’s Madhav is the anti-Gopal of Golmaal. If Gopal says day, he says night; Gopal says yes, he says no. They are shown to be rivals at first in all films but become good friends for good (and lately spooky) cause.

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Madhav also has the best lines in all Golmaal flicks because of the funny way in which he delivers them. Even in Golmaal Again, you will love his antics even though they defy logic.

Tusshar Kapoor (Lucky)

He may not have become the actor his father Jeetendra may have hoped but Tusshar is the backbone of Golmaal seriesHe doesn’t need to speak a word in order to make the audience laugh – his Aaoon Aaoon act has become Lucky’s trademark and people were looking forward to him for 7 years.

He may not do well in other films but here, he doesn’t have to do much to get attention; everyone in the cinema went mad with laughs when a ghost took takes over Lucky and outcomes Nana Patekar’s voice.

Shreyas Talpade (Laxman)

He was not there in the first film but ever since he made his appearance as the fake Anthony Gonsalves in the second flick, he has been riding high. For someone considered perfect for serious acting, Shreyas’ Laxman is both serious and comic at the same time.


He tried to sell himself as someone else for a job in Golmaal Returns and plays brother to Gopal in the next one, all the time making people laugh nonstop. Here he adds an extra S to his speech and grabs the audience’s attention despite trying his best to seem serious.

Mukesh Tiwari (Vasooli)

He started his career as a Gabbar-type villain in China Gate but Mukesh Tiwari has taken to comedy as if he was made for that. His Vasooli character has evolved over the years from the stupid villain to the cunning foe whose biggest asset is his confidence that lands him in trouble.


In the latest installment, he goes into a haunted house knowing that there are no such things as ghosts but finds out the truth the hard way.

Kunal Khemu (Laxman)

Since Golmaal 3, the gang has two Laxman’s and this one does the job of the Laxman who played the translator for Lucky. The former child star may not have made it big in Bollywood as an adult but yes, he has become an irreplaceable part of Golmaal as he brings the youthful form of stupidity without seeming stupid.

Johnny Lever (Pappi)

He hasn’t been part of the franchise like the rest of the gang but in his two appearances, he has stolen the show. His act of short-term memory loss inspired from Ghajini was a winner in 2010 and is a winner even today when he forgets why he is on stage and starts jumping around as someone who doesn’t have anything to do.

He is the only one who doesn’t have a connection with Khushi in Golmaal Again and that’s what makes his act even better. It was good to see him back in his Johnny Lever mode and directors must use him in their films since this guy knows how to tickle the audience’s funny bones.

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