Mehwish & Danish Hayat Trolled For Taking Up This Dance Challenge


Quarantine life has surely taken a toll on the majority of us. From strict lockdowns and not stepping out of our homes is driving some of us out-going people insane. As the lockdown extends, more and more people are figuring out ways to keep themselves busy during this isolation period which is super important during the coronavirus pandemic.

People are now opting for creative ways to keeping themselves busy. Those who disliked Tik Tok are now found on the app and totally hooked to it. Some are now participating in online trending challenges with their friends and family in unique ways!

Speaking of which, our beautiful Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat and brother Danish Hayat took up the #OhNaNaNaChallenge on Instagram and flawlessly danced away! She shared how difficult it was for both of them to learn the steps and how amazing this time is precious!

Here’s what she wrote: 

Of all the internet challenges, this is the one that I opted for. Don’t ask how long it took me to get Danish to rehearse these steps lol. In these difficult times, having fun with siblings &challenging each other is one of the few pleasures left. Never lose the inner child in you

Here’s the video of the duo totally killing it!

As the video went viral, some people didn’t approve the brother and sister duo having a bit of fun amidst the depressing time. Here’s what they said:

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