Mehwish Hayat Becomes ‘Japaani Gurya’ & Social Media Cannot Handle It


The bold and beautiful Mehwish Hayat is a social media star. People love her, follow her and makes sure to keep a track of everything that she’s doing in her life!

The gorgeous actress and model is currently in Dubai where she has done a photo shoot for Berger Paints in a Japanese avatar. To be honest, she does look the a “Japaani Gurya” and reminds us of the popular song, ‘Alif se acchi, gaaf se gurya, jeem se japaani!’

Here’s the song, just for your reminder:

And here’s Mehwish Hayat in all her glory!

The Actor in Law actress has definitely won the hearts of millions of Pakistanis with her beauty and confidence. We absolutely love the way she keeps on experimenting with her looks and is always ready to take up all the challenges.

Mehwish’s Japanese avatar is breaking the internet and people have a mixed response to the photo shoot. Though many of the users have confused her Japanese look to a Chinese one. Well, we can’t blame them also! Our love for China is so strong that we even forget that we read about different cultures and countries in our schools for a reason!

Anyway, here’s how people have reacted to the clip from her photo shoot.

There were a lot of people who were confused if she’s Mehwish or someone else.

There was someone who finally realized it’s a Japanese look and not Chinese.

There were others who loved her look.


The internet’s reaction is not always nice, there are all sorts of people on social media but we are glad that our artists are aware how cruel social media can be at times and it doesn’t affect them at all.

Mehwish is the face of Berger Paint currently. In a previous advertisement she looked like an Indian goddess and we absolutely loved her look.

Mehwish Hayat Looks Like An Indian Goddess in This New Advertisement

Keep rocking Mehwish, we love you!


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