Mehwish Hayat Spills The Beans About the Benazir Bhutto Biopic

mehwish hayat

The gorgeous and award-winning actress Mehwish Hayat is currently garnering a lot of attention because of her social work and speeches at different platforms.

She is known as one of the actresses who are breaking norms of the entertainment industry in more than one way. She has done a number of the powerful roles, like in Load Wedding, and oh boy, people absolutely loved each of her avatars.

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The actress will be seen in Benazir Bhutto’s Biopic and her fans are really excited about it.

Recently, the actress had a candid interview on BBC Urdu, she unveiled some little secrets of career and said:

I love Benazir Bhutto. She was the first woman prime minister of Pakistan. That’s such a great thing. People need to see and know more about Benazir.

She further added:

The more I read about her, the more I am inspired but I also get sad. We lost a great leader.

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