Mehwish Hayat: “Women Should Not Be Treated Wrongly Just Because of the Way They Dress”


After the cruel and merciless murder of children across Pakistan, many citizens have created a debate whether or not they should suppress their women’s freedom and choice of clothes. There’s even a discussion which says that it’s the woman’s fault for provocation the harasser to do such things, whereas that’s not true.

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Pakistani celebrities have also voiced out their opinion on televisions, protests, interviews and even on social media that women or children should not be subject to any sort of harassment or abuse, regardless of what they wear. Many female celebrities have also stepped forward and spoke against their experience of sexual harassment.


Women from around the world are expressing their condolences to Zainab and the other victims. They are also speaking about how change is essential in this time of need. Mehwish Hayat is also one of the women who has expressed her views on sexual harassment.

Here’s the full video the actress has referred to:

We agree. It should not matter what anyone, a man or a woman is wearing. Everyone should have the right be wear whatever they want and have the freedom to express themselves.

Many fans supported her statement. It is important for family members and close friends to take to each other about this issue in our society. Here’s one who actually has all the facts right.

While it’s also true that Islam promotes a women to cover herself, the religion has also made it compulsory for men to lower their gaze.

Zainab and the other children were too small to even know what the word provocative means. Did they wear such clothes? Did they show off?

Islam is a religion of equality. While it promotes women to cover up, it also promotes men to respect and lower their gaze. Kudos to you Mehwish!

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