Mehwish Hayat Wore a Traditional Garara & the Internet is in Love With Her


From appearing in movies to winning the hearts of many fans, Mehwish Hayat has been on a roll for quite a while now and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. From participating in #metoo campaign to giving amazing speeches abroad, many people cannot stop themselves from looking at her.

Recently, the actress attended a wedding where she worse a stunning golden garara and the people on social media fell in love with her. Just look at how amazing she looks in the dress!

Mehwish looks amazing no matter what she wears and these pictures just proved it. The dress itself has a creamy color but it’s borders and some of the other areas are decorated with golden embellishments.

To top that up, she wore these amazing long earrings that completed the look, along with a braided bun.

While some fans agreed that she looks absolutely gorgeous no matter what she wears, others encouraged her to wear more of these “decent” dresses. Honestly, I don’t want to spoil the magical moment but I’m pretty sure her other dressings are just as decent.

Regardless, many fans continued to encourage her by giving wonderful compliments.

Some questioned other celebrities as to why they don’t do the same dressing either.

Um.. What?? Where are the compliments now?

Still, I couldn’t agree more these comments!

While many complimented on her looks, some fell in love with the beautiful dress. Many are now looking to get the exact dress for themselves.

I agree that her talent is absolutely out of this world!

If you want to know how her speech on women empowerment was like click the link below!

Pakistani Superstar Mehwish Hayat Talks About Women Empowerment in London

We wish you good luck with your life goals. Stay awesome, Mehwish Hayat!

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