Mere Khudaya Episode 2 Review: Steady Start To A Thrilling Story!


With only two episodes aired so far, Mere Khudaya is the latest addition to our dramas that aim to highlight a social evil and its story seems tempting enough to engage the audience in order to raise awareness!

So, after being thrown out of the house by his own mother, Sajid is going through the phase of redemption and let’s see how long will that last. He is now living with his friend Anwar, who doesn’t know that he was accused of raping a girl and helps him find a job as well.

Kiran, Sajid’s wife, is going through a tough time and she’s trying to earn their bread by stitching clothes. The positive aspect is that Sajid’s mother has chosen to support her daughter in law instead of her own son which we don’t get to see quite often in our mainstream household culture.

Mehak continues to cover for Aleena and completes her assignments while she hangs out with her boyfriend. Mehak, being her best friend, tries to talk some sense into her but Aleena, blinded by love, bluntly refuses to even listen!

Aleena gets in trouble when her mother and brother fix an arranged marriage for her and she asks Shahzad to send his parents to her house. Let’s see how Aleena will handle this situation now because she seems pretty determined for not leaving Shahzad at any cost!

Sajid overhears Aleena talking about her relationship and how she will do anything to marry the love of her life. He even follows her when Aleena bunks the college to meet Shahzad but the thoughts from his past stop him from going any further!

Even though we don’t exactly know yet what Sajid really did but after the flashback scene, it seems like he raped the girl for whom he used to work as a driver, which makes him even more suspicious. Shahood Alvi has done a great job so far in adding the element of evilness to his character!

Now when he’s working as a van driver, Mehak and Aleena along with other girls, are not safe for sure!

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