Meri Guriya On ARY: Cast, Promo, Timings & Plot


The upcoming TV serial Meri Guriya highlights a very sensitive social issue of child abuse and the aftermath of harassment and rape in one’s life.

The story of the drama starts when the character of Sonya Hussyn witnesses several child abuse cases and decides to fight against them.

While talking about the project, Soniya Hussyn said:

Child sexual abuse has haunted me for the longest of time. I think taking this up was my way to address an evil that is so deeply embedded in our society that it’s become nothing more than a day’s news. It’s been an emotionally grueling experience and I look forward to speaking about it at length soon

Apart from Sonya Hussyn, the cast of the drama includes Mohsin Abbas Haider, Sania Saeed, Faris Shafi, Sajid Hasan, Tariq Jameel among others.

This upcoming drama is all set to release on 27 July 2018.


Sonya Hussyn

Mohsin Abbas

Sania Saeed

Faris Shafi

Sajid Hasan

Tariq Jameel

While the names of other cast members are yet to be revealed.

Directed By

Ali Hassan

Written By

Radain Shan

Production House

Big Bang Entertainment


Wait for It…

A post shared by Mohsin Abbas Haider (@mohsinabbashaider) on

Wait for It…

A post shared by Mohsin Abbas Haider (@mohsinabbashaider) on


This upcoming drama Meri Guriya will start from 27 June 2018.


Every Wednesday at 8 PM.



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