Mika Singh and Keka Ghoshal’s Song ‘Imagine’ from Parchi is Funlimited


Even though there are a lot of films coming out before Parchi next year, the Imran Kazmi – Arif Lakhani -Hareem Farooq production has taken over the scene with grandest of promotions. Be it the trailer launch, the first song release or the mall visits, Parchi has come out as the winner.

Their latest song Imagine also makes you want to watch the film after it takes you into an imaginary land where anything is possible. It’s good to see Usman Mukhtar lip syncing over Mika Singh’s vocals and Hareem Farooq doing the same on Keka Ghoshal’s voice and coincidentally, they are both imagining in the song – Usman for Hareem’s Eman and Hareem for Ali Rehman’s Bash.

The music video of the song is out and it has gone viral since it is filmed as a dream sequence – Osman Khalid Butt’s choreography, Usman Mukhtar’s Camerawork and Ahmed Alvi’s lyrics combined with the adayen of Ali Rehman, Usman Mukhtar and Hareem Farooq make it a must watch. The song starts with a catchy beat and carries the happy-go-lucky theme till the end. Najam Bajwa and Hamanshu Chawla must be credited for their innovative composition while the song and dance make you want to listen to it repeatedly.


Yes the song does remind you of Zoobi Zoobi from 3 Idiots and Kuri Yes Ai from Zinda Bhaag but that’s where the inspiration ends. From the word go this song is a hit and will help in pulling audience into the theatres when Parchi is screened on January 5th 2018.