Mikaal’s Take on Valentine’s Day is the Voice of All Single People!


January has ended with all the resolutions and promises we made to ourselves for this year. Now, with the start of February, people are all ready to make promises to their special ones on Valentine’s day.

Some people are completely against the idea of Valentine’s day celebrations and consider it as something adapted from the West. And some are so drowned in love that they find it mandatory to express their love on this particular day!

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There are some people who hate this day just because they haven’t found their “soulmate” yet. And then come those, who don’t even care about Valentine’s day and that includes the majority of us!

Our handsome star, Mikaal Zulfiqar seems to fit in the latter category so well that we can’t even. He posted this picture as his Instagram story and single people are loving it! He became the voice of so many and we can totally relate to it!

Couples are already excited to celebrate Valentine’s day. While some of us are just sitting back, relaxing and for many, Valentine’s day is just another normal day. It looks like Mikaal is on our sides!

Mikaal is considered as one of the heart-throbs of our industry. Him, posting stuff like this, has given hopes to the girls that he’s still single. This might not be the best hint but still, always keep your hopes high!

Always ready for anything..

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Unfortunately, Mikaal didn’t have a successful marriage but he is an amazing father. His love for his daughters is truly adorable!

Lunch at our favoutire place with these lovely ladies.

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You know Valentine’s day is a pretty serious issue in our country when the government itself imposes a ban on its celebration and people keep a strict eye on whoever seems to be a part of it. At the end, everyone has their own opinion and there will be some who’ll celebrate it no matter what others say.

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