Moammar Rana’s ‘Sikander’ First Look

Pakistani movie Sikander

The official trailer of upcoming Pakistani movie Sikander has been unveiled. Based on a real-life event, the film is directed by Moammar Rana, also seen in the lead role. The Lollywood actor dons a muscular avatar for his upcoming venture.

The filming began on December 15- the first chunk is already shot in Karachi. Locations include Jamshed Quarters and Habib Bank Plaza, said the producers of Sikandar, Moammar Rana, and wife Mehnaz Moammar, in an interview with Express Tribune.


Sources disclosed that TV actress Haya Sehgal will be seen opposite Moammar in the lead role. Furthermore, the movie stars veteran actor Nadeem Baig, TV actor Farhan Ali Baig and actor-singer Mathira and Adil Farooq.

Mehnaz further added, two songs of the film will be shot at a foreign location. “There are two romantic songs in the film that will be filmed outside Pakistan. The location is still undecided, but it will either be some place in Europe or in Malaysia or Thailand. We’re still working on that.”

It is produced under the Thor (The House of Rana) banner- Salman Razzak in-charge of director of photography- Sahir Ali Bagga  as a music composer.

The film is expected in 2016, but no release date has been confirmed yet.