Model Komal Aziz Gets Attacked By Flat Owner


Just recently a video of Samaa TV surfaced on the internet featuring Pakistani model Komal Aziz. Stricken with distress, the celebrity revealed how she was harassed and threatened by the landlord of a flat she had been renting for the past year.

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The star elaborately explained the circumstances that pervaded in her life and left everyone speechless. In tears and heartbroken, Komal talked about how the flat owner had beaten her sister and her uncle. Condemning the feudal culture of our society, she revealed all the details of the man who became her worst nightmare.

The internet was quick to respond to Koma’s plea for help by sending love and support her way. This model’s bold action to step forward and defame the ‘wadera’ harassing her, was something we do not often see happening. The victims of such behaviour usually suffer in silence, but Komal stood up against her bully.

Hopefully the culprit behind all the trouble caused for Komal will soon be held answerable for his actions. This is just one of those cases when everyone will have to gang up against the villain, since the police prove to be a bunch of corrupt cowards.

Model Komal Aziz files complaint against flat owner for attacking her

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