Model Rubya Chaudhry Ties The Knot With Musician Mekaal Hasan!


BREAKING NEWS model  Rubya Chaudhry and musician Meekal Hasan have secretly tied the knot yesterday. Did we see this coming? No,we did not! In fact, we’re sure no one did.

The couple let no one know about the affair and kept it real hush-hush, but the secret is finally out all thanks to technology and social media!

Here’s a glimpse of Rubya Chaudhry as a beautiful bride

The couple has made no official updates themselves, and we cannot wait to see their pictures from the big day. After all, what happens when so much talent and beauty comes together? Something really beautiful we can bet!

Congratulations guys! We wish you two to have an amazing and happy life filled with laughter and joy!

Hang at the B&L

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At The World Bank dinner with Mr Haroon Sharif

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