Mohsin Abbas Haider Breaks Silence Over Assault Allegations

mohsin abbas haider

Last weekend, the wife of Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, Fatema Sohail, startled the whole country when she posted about allegedly suffering from domestic abuse at the hands of her husband.

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None of us know what the exact story is and what really took place.. however, what I want to say here is that although none of his acts if he actually did them are justified but cases and people like him need help, serious psychological help. All the ladies out there, whoever are suffering or have suffered, be it mental, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, they should never keep quiet due to societal pressures, because somehow this society prevents the women from speaking for their rights and that is extremely unfortunate and sad whereas it should be the opposite. At the same time, all those men who have anger issues, abuse is never justified and so being AWARE of yourself and your acts is the first step to making yourself better, then ACCEPTING and ADMITTING the issues you have is not to be embarrassed about. Accepting your problems and flaws is the only thing that will take you towards making yourself better. Somehow this society once again has attached stigma and stereotypes to taking help with mental health issues. THERE IS NO HARM OR SHAME IN ACCEPTING YOUR ISSUES AND THERE IS NO HARM IN SEEKING PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP RIGHT AWAY!! As for women..ALWAYS SPEAK UP! Even if its your family that’s stopping you in anyway, because going through abuse and hurt can never be justified. #mohsinabbashaider #societyneedstounderstand #abuse #domesticviolence #violence #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #acceptance #women #men #society #speakup #breakthesilence #mentalhelp @peoplemagazinepakistan @peoplepakistan @dawn_dot_com @hellopakistan @dawnnewstv

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She took to her social media accounts and revealed that she caught her husband cheating and when she confronted him, he started beating her.

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Soon after the allegations, Mohsin Abbas Haider held a press conference and told his side of the story. He started the press conference by placing his hand on the Quran and rubbished all the allegations.

He started by saying:

Whatever she [Fatima Sohail] is saying, is a lie, I never touched her. It is true that I have had anger issues in the past but I’m a changed man.

He claimed that his wife is trying to play the “woman card” and now every person is taking her side.

When asked about reconciliation, the actor replied:

I don’t hold anything against her, she’s a troubled woman and the only way forward is divorce.

He further added:

I never brought my personal life into the media. She often used to do this. I just want to tell why we are at this point of divorce.

The further also claimed that the pictures of Fatema she posted on social media was from 2018 when she fell from stairs.

Moreover, he shocked everyone by his statement:

Every woman who accuses a man with tears in her eyes can’t be telling the truth.

Listen to his full press conference below!

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