Mohsin Ali’s Chupan Chupai Movie To Be Released This Eid-ul-Azha

Chupan Chupai

Ahsan Khan and Neelam Muneer’s on screen chemistry is all we need this Eid to set ablaze our television screens. We have good news for the fans of both actors. Ahsan and Muneer have paired up together for Mohsin Ali’s Chupan Chupai. Ahsan and Neelam have recently gained much popularity and recognition with many diverse projects and roles.

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Chupan Chupai is a directoral debut for Mohsin Ali, the man who penned down witty dialougues for ARY Films’ box office hit, Wrong Number. The movie is all set to be released by Eid-ul-Azha. Alonng with Ahsan and Neelam the cast comprises of Neelam Muneer, Sakina Samoo, Talat Hussain, Rehan Sheikh and Faizan Khawaja.

Ahsan disclosed to the media that Chupan Chupai was his third choice among others. He shared: “I read three different scripts before coming across and committing to Chupan Chupai. I enjoyed reading the script so much that i was sure I’d enjoy making the movie” He added, “Chupan Chupai is a comic thriller with interesting twists and turns” 

Late night rehearsal is always fun ??

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Ali shared: “We have been shooting for seven days non-stop and it has been real fun so far. The actors have been rehearsing for over a month now and we have a highly professional and talented crew. As far as the performances are concerned, you’ll surely be amazed. Our plan is to release it within this year and most probably after Eid-Ul-Azha”

Chupan Chupai’s music is still under process and it seems as if the director has big plans. He shared his thoughts on the matter of going retro instead of filmi which definetly did excite us. He shared, “I’m in talks with a lot of musicians right now, trying to tie down the music for the movie. I don’t want filmi music; I want it to be very retro” 

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