Momina Mustehsan Celebrates Valentine’s Day Alone & Had a Magical Time!


Pakistani singer and song-writer, Momina Mustehsan, is known to be quite an adventure seeker. Mainly due to her exciting wanderlust trips from time to time. Whether it’s from Los Angeles to Spain and from there to Paris, Momina plans to leave no tracks uncovered!

I ran into Prince Charming at the Carnaval in Venice 😂🤴🎭 #Carnaval2018

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Take the month of lovers, for example. February is known to be the month where couples organize beautiful surprises for their partners and singles frantically look for someone to complete their special day with. However, love is not only restricted to a partner. As important as finding that perfect date sounds like, if you’re single nothing compared to treating yourself to the world has to offer. Momina Mustehsan is one of the finest examples that you don’t need a prince or princess charming to have a great time on Valentine’s day.

The singer started off the month by flying to Venice, Italy.

As a traveler, a travel diary is definitely a thing that’s worth doing.

@mominamustehsan & Vlogging 🤩 sounds awesome, right? I love vlogging & as you know Momina always travels. It would be awesome vlogging in different countries. Awesome to see what your fav one is doing through vlogging. My dream is to travel & love seeing different places through Momina & now her vlogging! You can see just how happy I look lol. Lets Just hope there are some vlogs not just 1 or 2. And BTW I am introducing two new tags #mominastraveldiaries as she travels a lot & #mominasvlog as she will start vlogging soon. So if you are her fan then please use them. Can’t Wait❣️ P.S. this insta story of #mominamustehsan is 8 hours ago idk why I saw it now. This happens often now so don’t be confused why I am posting so late

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No makeup? Don’t care!

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Sometimes in the mist of pleasing everyone’s expectations, we often forget that we also deserve some happy time. Honestly, if you don’t love yourself, who will? Get it?

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What’s Italy without a masquerade party?

Venice is indeed freezing at this time of the year. Regardless, she looks absolutely stunning.

When your friends hand you the camera for a while..

Wonderful part of going on a trip is that you meet amazing people!


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Now, that’s just silly.

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The singer later flew to Paris to celebrate her amazing self, just like how we should do from time to time as well. Of course, being with a partner is amazing but being with yourself has its own perks!

And Momina is one of the inspirations we need!


@mominamustehsan & Paris ✨ #mominamustehsan #mominastraveldiaries

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Bonus picture: She met a fan!

– @mominamustehsan in paris – #regrann

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