Did Momina Mustehsan Insult Karachi Kings & Delete Her Tweet?


Momina Mustehsan is no stranger to controversy. Ever since the singer made her debut last year, this little diva has had trouble staying out of the limelight, be it her engagement rumours or her Instagram posts.

However, this time around, we’re left wondering if Momina really did make a big boo-boo. The grapevine is abuzz with rumours of Momina insulting Karachi Kings in a Tweet and then removing it.

We were all surprised when KK won the match, but no one went as far as to actually insult them. Or was this Momina’s way of congratulating the team?

This is what people are saying that she wrote:

[fb_embed_post href=”https://www.facebook.com/comicsbymajid/photos/a.623754070986305.1073741825.557758147585898/1558532290841807/?type=3&theater&__mref=message_bubble/” width=”550″/]


And this is what is currently posted on Momina’s Twitter account:

So, the similarities between the Tweets are uncanny. They’re written in the same format. However, the Internet being what it is, it is possible that someone MAY have photo-shopped the Tweet. But, then again, why would people do that? Momina has never expressed hatred towards Karachi before, so people are bound to be angry at this.

A source reveals that several people saw the KK Tweet before Momina received immense backlash and removed the Tweet altogether.

Being the brand ambassador of Islamabad United, we can understand that Momina might be a little bummed that her team is out of the running. But all we can say is, why all the hate Momina?

Who knows, it all might turn out to be a hoax in the end.

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