Momina Mustehsan Shuts Down Haters With Her Latest Cover of ‘Ko Ko Korina’!


Shutting down all haters who have been trolling her for over a month now, Momina Mustehsan has made a comeback with her latest cover of ‘Ko Ko Korina’, this time with the Leo Twins by her side, and it is just too good!

Taking to Instagram, the Coke Studio sensation, on a sarcastic note, wrote that it is a gift on account of one month of trolling on her quite famous yet most disliked version of ‘Ko Ko Korina’, which got featured in Coke Studio Season 11.

Leaving us all spellbound with her melodious voice, it is evident that Momina Mustehsan is back in the game. With the super talented Leo Twins behind the music, you can’t resist but listen to this version of ‘Ko Ko Korina’ again and again!

Watch the video below!

A few days back the guitar and violin cover of ‘Ko Ko Korina’ by the Leo Twins got viral on the internet and this duo received loads of praises for it.

Now, with the melodious vocals of Momina, it seems like that this version of ‘Ko Ko Korina’ will dilute all the hatred away!

Interestingly, today also marks the 35th death anniversary of Waheed Murad, the man on who ‘Ko Ko Korina’ was filmed, and this video seems like a perfect tribute to the legend.

Featuring Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir, the Coke Studio’s version of the song came out last month and created an uproar on the internet. Unfortunately, neither the ‘Afreen girl’ nor the heartthrob could win the hearts of the audience with their performances and it started an unending trail of trolls towards them.

Here’s the full song!

Well, it looks like Momina has come up with a perfect reply for all the trolls now and her followers can’t stop appreciating her!

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